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Best ATV Snow Plow | Turn Your Four Wheeler into a Snow Plowing Machine

Choosing the Best Snow Plow for your Lawn Tractor

Is it really necessary to have both a lawn tractor and a snow plow if you live in a region that is constantly being hit with snow? No, there is no reason to try to fit both of these pieces of powerful equipment in your barn or garage. 

Most lawn tractor manufacturers have attachments available to turn your tractor or lawnmower into the snow plow you need. We have gone over the best four wheeler plows earlier, but this article is about the lawn equipment blade attachments.

There are also several universal plow attachments available on the market. Although it is not a simple one step process, you can easily convert your tractor within a matter of minutes. 

Best Snow Plow for Lawn Tractor

Let’s look at why more and more people are choosing to purchase this attachment, as well as review two of the most popular options available today. Finally, we will determine which one is the best snow plow for lawn tractors.
Why Do People Prefer to Purchase a Snow Plow Attachment for Lawn Tractors?

There are several reasons that people opt for an attachment instead of purchasing an individual snow plow or using a simple shovel. For many, easy storage and price are key reasons. It takes up less room and costs a fraction of the cost of a snow plow.

In addition, most are able to perform double duty as a snow plow and to move dirt in the summer. For individuals who currently shovel their snow, this is the ideal option to save time and prevent so much wear and tear on your body.  

OEM-190-833 Fast Attach 46-Inch Snow Blade

 OEM-190-833 Snow Blade Review

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Available for slightly less than $300, the OEM Fast Attach Snow Blade is designed to fit all MTD lawn and garden tractors, with the exception of the Yard Man Revolution produced after 2001. It also fits many Cub Cadet and Toro tractors. Adjustable skid shoes allow you to set the blade height up to 2 inches above ground level. The spring loaded blade return is devised to protect the tractor and the blade from damage. With quick change angle adjustments from straight ahead to 30 degrees right or left, it is easy to control. 

Current owners report that it works great in snow ranging from 3 to 4 inches deep, though it can accommodate deeper snowfalls. Best of all, it can be used in the summer months to move dirt.

Nordic Auto Plow Lawn Tractor Plow

Nordic Auto Plow Lawn Tractor Plow Review

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With prices ranging from $399 to $435, the Nordic Auto Plow is designed to fit most lawn tractors, when you use the included universal mounting brackets. It offers three blade positions, can be attached and detached in mere seconds, and has a patented rounded blade making it easy to use year-round for snow removal, as well as dirt removal. 

The rounded blade prevents it from ripping up grass or damaging paver bricks. According to current users, it is very easy to install and can easily push pounds of snow without difficulty.
Which is the Best Snow Plow for Lawn Tractors?

After comparing price, features, and user reviews, it appears the OEM-190-833 Fast Attach 46-Inch Snow Blade ranks slightly higher than the Nordic Auto Plow.  Both can easily handle plenty of snow and can be used as more than just a snow plow, but the OEM is around $100 less giving it the slight edge.